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Bows and Ribbons

In- Stock Bows - Ready to Ship!

Custom Bows- ORDER ONLINE!
Order quick and easily ONLINE!

You are eligible for the lower price!
Large orders
Orders for "bows only" (over 50 of the same style & colors) Call for special pricing!
These bows are MADE JUST FOR YOU!   Non-returnable and non-exchangeable.

Pony Tail Poms...    REAL miniature pom poms for your hair!

Mix & match with same color shoe poms to meet minimum.

These tiny poms are 4" in diameter. Available in plastic or  metallic. They come with an elastic ponytail band secured firmly in the center so they can be easily attached in your hair.

Ships directly from manufacturer- no less than 12 per color.  
Allow 1-3 weeks for custom 100 pc. min.
Orders under 24 pieces add $5.

Plastic   (Pre-fluffed)
    HAIR P - Solid                        $1.95 each piece
    HAIR SP- Mixed Colors        $1.95 each piece
 Metallic  (NOT pre-fluffed)
   HAIR M - Solid                         $2.95 each piece
   HAIR MSP- Mixed Colors      $2.95 each piece