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Plastic Pom Colors
Super Wide Poms

NEW!!!    Super Wide Poms
Pre Fluffed!      2" wide streamers!
Baton Handle only.
These are custom poms. Production schedule varies from 2 -7 business days depending on time of year.
P2BSH4 - 4" Super Wide Plastic Show Pom
P2BSH6 - 6" Super Wide Plastic Show Pom
Plastic Super Wide Poms   $11.95 ea.
Solid, 2 or 3 Color Mix

P2BSH4 - 4" Plastic Super Wide Pom
P2BSH5 - 5" Plastic Super Wide Pom
P2BSH6 - 6" Plastic Super Wide Pom
P2BSH7 - 7" Plastic Super Wide Pom
P2BSH8 - 8" Plastic Super Wide Pom

P2GBSH6 - 6" Super Wide Plastic Show Pom with glitter

Super Wide Poms
$13.95 ea.

Solid Plastic with Glitter,
2 Color Plastic with Glitter

P2GBSH4 - 4" Super Wide Glitter
P2GBSH6 - 6" Super Wide Glitter
P2GBSH7 - 7" Super Wide Glitter
P2GBSH8 - 8" Super Wide Glitter

M2BSH4 - 4" Metallic Super Wide Show Pom

Super Wide Poms
$21.95 ea.

Solid, 2 or 3 Color Mix

M2BSH4 - 4" Metallic Super Wide
M2BSH5 - 5" Metallic Super Wide
M2BSH6 - 6" Metallic Super Wide
M2BSH7 - 7" Metallic Super Wide
M2BSH8 - 8" Metallic Super Wide

Sorry...  this pom is so new,
we don't have a picture yet!!!

Super Wide Poms
$29.95 ea.
Holographic Silver & Gold only- with your choice of metallics.

Solid Holographic Poms (# H2BSH)
Holographic and Metallic Mixed Poms (# HM2BSH)

Important Information about Pom Orders         PLEASE READ!
Poms are custom made- just for you, and so, are NOT returnable or exchangable. Call us before ordering, if you have questions about anything- styles, handles, sizes, materials,etc. We want you to be happy with your pom purchase!
Poms are priced by the piece, not by the pair.
Looking for a specific item and don't see it?  Just because an item isn't featured online, doesn't mean we can't get it for you! Call or email with the details (send a photo if possible!).
Minimums may apply, for example, Cheerballs and Hand Poms have a minimum order of 10 pieces per style and color. Orders under the stated minimum cannot be accepted- unless a small order fee is shown. These minimums (and exceptions) on poms are dictated by our pom manufacturers- not by us.